Real Estate Agency Disputes Result in Pro Consumidor Securing RD$800 Million Refund for Consumers

The National Institute for the Protection of Consumer Rights (Pro Consumidor) has resolved nearly 1,500 conflicts between real estate agencies and consumers. They have also achieved the return of over 800 million pesos in conciliations for home buyers who made different claims at the institution.

The executive director of Pro Consumidor, Eddy Alcántara, stated that the institution has responded timely to all claims and complaints made by consumers whose rights have been violated when purchasing a home.

He explained that the institution has adopted a criterion on the deposited adhesion contracts and the indexation stipulated therein, guaranteeing consumer protection against conflicts that arise in commercial transactions.

He also noted that he has collaborated with the country’s main consumer associations to publicize and strengthen the criteria.

Eddy Alcantara

Eddy Alcantara

“Priority has been given to guaranteeing that every citizen is not affected in their rights or by an increase in the price of real estate in an abusive manner without taking into consideration the official measurement parameters established by the National Statistics Office (ONE) and the Central Bank of the Dominican Republic,” he said.

The official confirmed that Pro Consumidor does not have any pending files within the established deadline for decision. Cases that are still under discussion are due to hierarchical appeals filed by the disadvantaged parties.

Alcántara urged consumers whose rights are being affected in this type of commercial transaction to go to Pro Consumidor and present their statement and complaint, guaranteeing an immediate response within the terms established by the sectoral laws.

Finally, he stated that the administration’s policy is to first try to reach an agreement between the parties and then decide through resolution in favor of the affected sectors.

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