Retire & Invest DR Conference set for May 3rd in Santo Domingo.

If you’ve been considering living, retiring or investing in the Dominican Republic, then the upcoming Retire & Invest DR Conference is your chance to get going, learn and explore what the Dominican Republic has to offer first-hand.

Scheduled for May 3-4, this two-day conference provides a comprehensive overview of everything you need to begin your journey. From identifying the best areas for expats and retirees to exploring the nuances of purchasing property; setting up bank accounts, mortgages and healthcare; our expert speakers will guide you through the critical steps to establishing a rewarding life in the Dominican Republic.

You’ll be able to hear from real expats and retirees who have successfully moved to the Dominican Republic, learn from their experiences, and get practical advice (not theory) to start your trip abroad.

Additionally, attendees gain access to exclusive conference deals on real estate, whether for personal residence or investment purposes.

The event will take place at the Holiday Inn of Santo Domingo in the Piantini district. The cost is $295 for individuals or $395 for couples.

The conference fee includes: 1.) Access to all presentations and sessions; 2.) Individual consultations with disaster recovery experts; 3.) Access to the Exhibition Hall; 4.) Welcome Reception and Cocktail Party; 5.) Coffee and snack break; and 6.) Lifetime access to all presentation recordings and slides.

For more information about the conference or to register, visit

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