Salsa Star from the Dominican Republic Receives Honors at Barranquilla Carnival 2024

Colombia.- Dominican salsa sensation Michel el Buenón earned the top award for a foreign artist at the 2024 Barranquilla Carnival in Colombia, cementing his status as a masterful performer and ambassador of Dominican salsa.

The esteemed “Congo de Oro” award recognizes both his outstanding performance at the Carnival Orchestra Festival and his illustrious 40-year musical career.

Buenón thanked Colombia, the Dominican Republic and Latin America for their strong support. He specifically credited maestro Cuco Valoy, a previous winner, for paving the way for Dominican artists.

Dressed in carnival costumes, Buenón received the Golden Congo between tears and smiles, captivating judges, live audience and spectators.

His performance, accompanied by his orchestra, showcased not only his vocal prowess but also his command of the stage, his energy, and his dancing.

Originally from Batey 7 in the Dominican Republic, Buenón went from a region dedicated to agriculture to becoming a prominent figure on the global salsa scene.

His journey includes singing in church choirs, working as a merchant seaman and a pivotal moment in Paris, where he was discovered by Charles Aznavour's partner, marking the beginning of his extraordinary career.

The Barranquilla Carnival, recognized as Colombia's main cultural festival, annually celebrates folklore expressions. UNESCO designated it “Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity” in 2003, and the Colombian Congress declared it “Cultural Heritage of the Nation” in 2001.

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