South America Set to Become Second Largest Emitter in the Dominican Republic with 55.50% of Tourists Originating from the Northern Hemisphere

The Hotel and Tourism Association (Asonahores), through the “July 2023 Statistical” report, explained that South America is about to be the second largest emitter in the Dominican Republic with 15.58%, almost equaling Europe with 16.20%.

In this sense, it is indicated that the main tourism issuing markets at the moment are: North America with a contribution of 55.50%; Central America and the Caribbean 9.07%; Asia contributed 2.82% and the rest of the world 0.83%.

The contribution according to issuing country is as follows: the United States 39.97%; Canada 14.15%; Colombians follow with 4.27%; Puerto Ricans contributed 3.36%; Argentina 3.30%; France with 2.57%; England 2.42%; Spain at the moment 2.26%; Chileans with a participation of 1.92%; finally the Germans with an incidence of 1.90%.

Likewise, in the period January-July of this year 2023, the arrivals of foreign visitors and non-resident Dominicans show a growth of 13.95%, going from 4,282,207 visitors in 2022 to a total of 4,879,696 in the current year 2023.

Foreigners increased by 17.63% compared to 2022, registering the number of 3,502,152 visitors in 2022 to 4,119,533 in January-July 2023. While non-resident nationals decreased by 2.55%.

The document details that 68.56% of foreign visitors arriving in the country in January-July 2023 entered through the Punta Cana International Airport; followed by Las Américas International Airport (AILA) with 18.47%; arrivals through Cibao airport represented 5.24%; Gregorio Luperón contributed 5.05%; La Romana registered 1.11%; for the Catey airport (Samaná) 1.03%; La Isabela (El Higüero) contributed 0.55%; Finally, the María Montéz airport in the Barahona province did not observe significant movement of travelers at the time.

With respect to occupancy, the average rate in January-July 2023 increased by 7.0%, going from 72.4% in 2022 to 77.4% in January-July of this year 2023, influenced by an increase in arrivals of foreign tourists.

In July 2023, the average hotel occupancy rate averaged 78.3%; while, in the same month of 2022 it was 77.4%, for an increase of 1.2%; while the average occupancy rate corresponding to July 2023 exceeded the month of June of the same year by 4.4%.

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