Taino Gourmet Cooking Lab: Immersive Sensory Experience

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A new project focused on knowledge of the gastronomic culture of the Dominican Republic and other countries awaits the visitor in the tourist area of ​​Bávaro, Punta Cana. It is Taino Gourmet and its purpose is to provide a memorable culinary experience and the opportunity to learn the preparation process, techniques and practices of the dishes that are made here.

Taíno Gourmet Cooking Lab offers Dominican cooking classes for tourists to learn about our roots and international cuisine for the local public. According to Yudelka de los Santos, commercial manager, her classes are perfect for business meetings, team buildingsweddings, bachelor parties, birthdays and family gatherings, while at the same time they are great fun for children. “With our Cooking Lab, you can be sure that your event will be held in a warm and welcoming family atmosphere.”

Imagine the fun of cooking with a group of people, one more way to connect and do networks live, and accompanied by a magnificent selection of drinks, which help you relax. “In our Cooking Lab, you not only learn to cook and prepare cocktails, during our sessions you learn to share, and that is the main thing we want the client to take away from Taino Gourmet,” explains De los Santos.

Those who attend this experience agree that it is a unique environment that transforms simple cooking into an art show and encourages interaction with other people, in addition to learning in a fun way through activities whose objective is to achieve high performance, motivation, and teamwork. and development of personal and social skills.

Taino Gourmet’s philosophy transcends its own business model. Its mission also includes offering support to those who need it most, and for each activity carried out, it donates dishes to the Un Mundo Mejor Foundation (located in the city of Higüey), an entity that helps homeless children and young people.


  • Take a unique excursion with a comfortable schedule (even at night).
  • Discover the incredible history of the Dominican Republic through its cuisine.
  • Learn new recipes for Dominican dishes.
  • Become familiar with local products (cassava, banana, sweet potato, yautía, among others).
  • Know the secrets in the preparation of Creole products.
  • Learn how to prepare a cocktail before cooking class.
  • Organize an event that will be ideal for all types of occasions (business meetings, family gatherings, children’s parties) and people (couples, groups of friends, tourists).
  • Have a unique event with an average duration of three hours with high quality service, all for an affordable price.

A world of pairings

Among the newest features of Taino Gourmet is Oliver Lab, a project carried out in collaboration with Oliver Rum House. According to its creators, it is the perfect place for an intimate approach to rum, cigars and fine cuisine while enjoying healthy recreation.

The project consists of rum tastings, coffee and chocolate 101 courses, expert pairing and chef’s table events, guided experiences with great local chefs, master classes where you will learn why each ingredient was chosen and how you can expand your gastronomic horizon.

The privileged location of Oliver Lab, in the center of Punta Cana and Bávaro (just eight minutes from the Punta Cana International Airport) is a plus for those who arrive through that air terminal and stay in hotels in the area.

According to the commercial manager, the cozy 200 m space2 It can comfortably accommodate up to 80 guests inside, including its large terrace. The place is built using modular principles that allow the spaces to be reorganized (upon request) according to the client’s objective: cinema/theater events, gallery, etc… These customizations must be requested in advance.

Welcome to Oliver Lab, where you will be guided on a journey of flavors and tastes by your expert host. Our goal at Oliver Lab is to share the rich culture and history of the Dominican Republic with our guests, and what better way to do so than through the island’s most famous and beloved product: rum.

Learn to identify the subtle differences that distinguish each rum and take the opportunity to taste and compare a selection of these unique drinks. At Oliver Lab, each rum is also paired with a selection of chocolates and cheeses, chosen to highlight the best of each variety.

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