The Impact of a Preliminary Visit on Your Dominican Dream

Anyone wishing to retire or live in the Dominican Republic or any foreign country should visit the country before deciding to move permanently. Don’t rely entirely on what you’ve heard or seen on YouTube, Facebook, blogs, or online forums. Your personal experience in RD will be very different from that of YouTubers or influencers you have seen online. This preliminary visit or stay will give you a practical vision of what the future life could be like. The transition to living in a new country involves adapting to a new culture, climate, and way of life.

Here are some reasons why a visit or stay in the Dominican Republic is important before moving.

Acclimating to Dominican culture: Each country, including the Dominican Republic, has unique cultural norms and practices. By visiting in advance, aspiring expats and retirees can begin to understand local customs, etiquette, and social norms. This first-hand experience is invaluable in alleviating the culture shock many experience when moving here. It allows people to assess their ability to adapt to and respect the local culture, which is crucial for a smooth transition to the country.

Explore daily life: Online videos, blogs, and brochures can only tell you so much about the Dominican Republic. Experiencing everyday life firsthand helps you evaluate the quality of life, level of healthcare, cost of living, and overall safety of an area. These factors are especially important for retirees, as they directly affect their quality of life in their later years. A visit allows them to explore different parts of the country and neighborhoods of a city, understand the real estate market, and possibly even select a new home.

Experience the weather: Spending considerable time in the Dominican Republic before moving permanently will allow you to acclimatize to the climate. Climate plays a very important role in our daily lives and our general well-being. There is a big difference between visiting the Dominican Republic for a few days and experiencing the weather day after day.

Start building your network: Leaving your family and friends behind in your hometown can be scary. Visiting the Dominican Republic beforehand allows you to start new friendships and connections with both locals and the expat community. These new connections will be your lifeline for settling in during the initial stages of your move.

Personal security and peace of mind: Lastly, visiting the DR before you move gives you peace of mind. It is an opportunity to confirm that the decision to move here is the right one. This peace of mind can make the difference between a successful relocation and a regrettable move.

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