Travel to the Dominican Republic this winter with incredibly budget-friendly flights by this airline

Travelers may be getting a taste of what’s to come when it comes to flight prices to Punta Cana after JetBlue announced a big sale on airfare to the Dominican Republic this winter. The cost of airfare to Punta Cana may be high considering its relatively short distance from the US, a fact that is expected to change once the final details of the open skies agreement with the US are worked out and revolutionary legislation comes into force.

At a glance, the savings offered to travelers is enormous. For example, a flight between Nashville, Tennessee, and the destination costs just $45. Savings are also offered on flights from the United States to Santo Domingo. While the capital of the Dominican Republic is too far from Punta Cana to offer a convenient transfer to the destination, it is a beautiful vacation destination in its own right and is certainly worth considering for travelers who want an authentic Dominican Republic experience.

For any travelers planning their last-minute vacation, these deals are valid starting November 28th to January 1st. It should also be noted that these offers are subject to availability and do not include extra costs such as luggage. As with any deal, always check the terms and conditions to make sure it really is the great deal it seems at first glance.

While airline deals on tickets are nothing new, the timing of this occurrence is undeniably rare. The winter season in Punta Cana is peak season for the destination and not the time of year when travelers typically find savings.

When planning a trip, it is always worth doing a cost comparison between what a travel agency offers and the cost of the flight and accommodation when booking the holiday in person. Airfare aggregation sites like Skyscanner and Expedia are great for this and take most of the legwork out of the entire process, allowing travelers to see all the available deals in one place. Plus, while JetBlue’s deal gives last-minute planners savings they don’t normally receive, the best way to find deals on airfare is to book well in advance. Many airlines will allow travelers to do this up to a year before the flight, and the sooner you book, the better. A nearly unreserved flight usually means savings. On top of that, if travelers have a flexible schedule, weekday flights and off-peak flights in the low season can further condense costs.

A Punta Cana vacation can look a little different depending on whether you choose to book in the peak winter season or the low season.

One of the main reasons to visit in winter is the weather. This is traditionally the dry season in Punta Cana, with sunny days, low humidity, and much less rain than the rest of the year. Additionally, if travelers enjoy a livelier atmosphere, the energy is much higher at resorts, bars, and clubs during the winter season thanks to the large number of Americans traveling during the winter. Unfortunately, there are some disadvantages. Costs overall tend to be higher, a reality when travelers compete for a vacation spot here, rather than resorts competing to get travelers to stay with them. And while the larger crowds and livelier atmosphere may be a plus for some, for others they can take a toll on the relaxed side of a vacation.

Low season:
The low season here runs from May to November, although it can vary between one or two months on both sides. First of all, the most positive thing about planning a vacation in Punta Cana during these months is the potential savings on accommodation, flights, and even trips/excursions. Furthermore, these are undoubtedly the most suitable months for those seeking peace and relaxation. While the destination is never empty, the atmosphere is much slower and quieter during the low season. The weather remains pleasant during these months, but comes with the possibility of brief rain showers and potentially rougher seas, especially during hurricane season.

Plan your next vacation in the Dominican Republic:
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