United Capital expands its footprint by opening a new branch in Punta Cana

With this opening, the stock market aims to bring its excellent service and advice to the Eastern Zone of the country to help its clients invest with purpose.

PUNTA CANA, Dominican Republic. – United Capital Sitio de Bolsa, a company specialized in securities intermediation, opened a new branch in Punta Cana, as part of its expansion strategy, designed with the purpose of continuing to create value for everyone and reaching different regions of the nation to provide financial advice, as well as publicize the advantages of the stock market as an alternative to channel savings into investment.

United Capital makes available to the Eastern Zone a highly trained team focused on offering excellent customer service, headed by Mariana Reynoso, Business Manager, and Sebastián Sajour, Business Officer.

The new offices are located on the first level of the Gal Tower on November 1st Boulevard in Punta Cana Village, a modern space that will serve as a meeting point for all those interested in learning about the benefits and alternatives to investing in the stock market. local.

The branch offers services and products focused on Corporate Finance, Investment Banking, Financial Advisory, Securities Intermediation, Issuance Structuring, Securities Mutual Funds and SBB, Implicit Currency in dollars and euros. A diversified offer that adapts to the objectives and purposes of each of its clients.

In this context, the company is firmly committed to digital transformation and the integration of technologies in all aspects of its organization, promoting efficiency, flexibility, and optimal innovation. This approach aims to offer its users an innovative and quality service.

“From the beginning, we have assumed the commitment to be an agent of the growth and development of the stock market in the Dominican Republic, our dream has come true, we continue to grow with a view to democratizing the market and expanding to different areas of the national territory, we achieved “is materialized by offering our clients this new office in Punta Cana,” said Javier Tejada, president of United Capital Sitio de Bolsa, in his opening speech.

The activity was attended by Ernesto Bournigal Read, Superintendent of the Securities Market (SIMV), members of the National Council of the Securities Market of the Dominican Republic; Claudio Guzmán, director of SIMV Participants; Elianne Vílchez, executive vice president of the Dominican Republic Stock Exchange and Markets, Paola Rainieri, Chief Marketing Officer of Grupo Punta Cana, shareholders, clients and related parties, who were accompanied by the executive team of United Capital, headed by Javier Tejada, president of the Stock Exchange Post; Marta Betances, general manager, and Oscar Saladín, senior business manager.

The meeting, which allowed those present to take a tour of the new facilities, had the blessing of Deacon Ramón Portela.

The headquarters has the objective of encouraging communication and creating a space dedicated to networking, where a design line with open spaces and the use of technologies with the highest standards predominates.

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