USAID Donates $1.4 Million to Enhance Trade in the Dominican Republic

Santo Domingo.- During her recent visit to the Dominican Republic, USAID Deputy Administrator Isobel Coleman announced a significant donation of $1.4 million from the United States Government to support the Global Alliance for Trade Facilitation (GATF) in the country.

This initiative aims to improve trade and nearshoring opportunities through collaborative efforts between the public and private sectors.

The announcement occurred at an event organized by the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and MSMEs, attended by Minister Víctor Bisonó and representatives of nine local entities from both sectors.

Public sector participation includes key government agencies such as the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and MSMEs, the General Directorate of Customs, ProIndustria, ProDominicana and the National Council of Export Free Zones.

Representing the private sector are the American Chamber of Commerce of the Dominican Republic, ADOZONA, ADOEXPO and CODOPYME.

Minister Bisonó highlighted the potential of the project to promote economic and social development in the Dominican Republic, made possible thanks to USAID financing.

Coleman expressed excitement about the new partnership and emphasized his role in improving business opportunities and driving sustainable economic growth in the nation.

This initiative particularly focuses on empowering micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs), including women-led businesses, to exploit nearshoring opportunities and enhance their role in global trade.

Its objective is to forge commercial links between local SMEs and free zone companies, offering support to achieve trade facilitation certification.

Coleman’s visit included important meetings with President Luis Abinader, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Roberto Álvarez, and Minister of the Presidency, Joel Santos, in which bilateral cooperation and emergency preparedness were discussed.

The visit also involved Scott Nathan, CEO of the United States International Development Finance Corporation, who discussed investment opportunities in the Dominican Republic.

The USAID Deputy Administrator also interacted with local civil society organizations, addressing various social issues.

This visit follows a previous announcement in April 2023 by Wendy Sherman, then Deputy Secretary of State, of a $6 million donation to promote economic development in the northwest region of the Dominican Republic through nearshoring industries.

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