Work Plan in Samarkand Approved by Executive Council of UNWTO

Samarkand, Uzbekistan. – The Executive Council of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) today approved the work program of the United Nations system body for the travel and tourism industry 2020-2025, focused on core priorities as well as a leadership vision longer term to transform the sector.

This was the 119th meeting of the UNWTO governing body, which met this Thursday on the eve of the 25th UNWTO General Assembly which will be tomorrow Friday in Samarkand (Uzbekistan).

At the meeting, and in accordance with his obligations, Secretary General Zurab Pololikashvili presented his report to the members, in which he outlined the progress made since the Executive Council met. in Punta CanaDominican Republic, five months earlier.

This included an overview of the latest round of Regional Commissions meetings, their key outcomes and achievements and associated thematic sessions, including work to rethink tourism communications, grow new pillars such as wellness tourism and support investments in the sector.

Approved work program

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In addition to assessing progress made to date, the Executive Council of the World Tourism Organization also provided Members with the opportunity to learn more about the UNWTO Work Program for 2024 and 2025.

This is based on a consultation held in 2022 with all Members on their needs and is synthesized into clear strategic objectives and programmatic priorities. Members endorsed the Work Program and other key activities presented to them.

These included plans to direct funding towards flagship programs and to establish new regional and thematic offices for UNWTO.

In this regard, members were updated on the progress made in the establishment of a new Regional Office in Marrakech, Kingdom of Morocco, supported the plans presented by Uzbekistan to establish a Silk Road Tourism Thematic Office in the country and advanced plans for the creation of another Regional Office in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil).

Leadership Vision

In Samarkand, the host of the Executive Council, as well as the subsequent General Assembly, proposed that Secretary General Pololikashvili be allowed to run for a third term in light of his achievements to date and his long-term vision for both tourism as for the UNWTO.

In accordance with established protocol, the Executive Council agreed that the issue be included on the agenda of the General Assembly, which would be voted on by all Member States.

Members thanked the Secretary-General for publishing his historic vision for the sector, published to coincide with the General Assembly. “The road to 2030: a vision for a transformed sector.” This vision sets clear priorities for the sector in the coming year and action plans to achieve them.

Legal obligations fulfilled

The Executive Council fulfilled its statutory obligations, among other things, by electing Egypt as the External Auditor of the Organization for 2024 and 2025. Members also endorsed Members’ recommendations for World Tourism Day hosts for the same years.

In 2024, World Tourism Day will be celebrated around the theme “Tourism and Peace”, hosted by Georgia. Then, in 2025, Malaysia will be considered to host that year’s celebrations, which will be held around the theme of tourism and sustainable development.

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