Yenny Polanco Lovera re-elected president of national ADOMPRETUR

Santo Domingo, RD.- With the attendance of a notable representation of the country’s tourism leadership, the Dominican Association of Tourist Press (Adompretur) presented its new national board of directors corresponding to the period 2023-2025, headed by journalists Yenny Polanco Lovera, president; Salvador Batista, vice president; Cristian Mota, general secretary.

The management team is completed by Mayra De Peña, Director of Finance; Carmen Bretón, director of Communication and Public Relations; José Alberto Selmo, director of Institutional Relations; Juan de Dios Valentín, director of Regional Affairs; Amelia Reyes, Training Director; José Ramón Torres, director of Culture and Tourism; Cristina Rosario, Events Director; and Cynthia Martínez, Marketing Director.

The master of ceremonies, Elizabet Gutiérrez, cordially welcomed David Llibre, president of Asonahores; Héctor Porcella, director of IDAC; Brigadier General Minoru Matsunaga, General Director of Politur, Carlos Andrés Peguero, Vice Minister of International Cooperation of MITUR; Juan Manuel Martín de Oliva, Corporate Vice President of the Tourism Sector; as well as all the personalities of the tourism sector and special guests who gathered at this important event.

Adompretur juram
Rafael Reyes Bisonó, Juan Manuel Martin de Oliva, Minouro Matsunaga and Aneury Castillo

He then called Mayra De Peña, who made an invocation to the Almighty to bless the board of directors of Adompretur and the projects they will carry out in these two years, which were highlighted in a video prepared especially for the occasion.

After being sworn in by Manuel Quiroz, president of the National Electoral Commission; Yenny Polanco Lovera gave her central speech highlighting that her second term integrates the energy, enthusiasm and creative vocation of young journalists; with the vision, experience and strategic connections that the most experienced have.

Adompretur juram2
David Llibre, Melkis Díaz, Manuel Quiroz and Héctor Porcella

He assured that this new

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