8 initiatives proposed by Rafael Paz to rejuvenate tourism in Santo Domingo

The candidate for deputy for constituency 1 of the National District, Rafael Paz, highlighted that the Dominican Republic achieved a milestone after receiving 10 million visitors this year. Now the most important thing is to determine the road map that the country must follow to consolidate the achievements and enhance them in the future.

cataloniasantodomingo view 3Due to the statements, Paz presented eight proposals to consolidate and relaunch the participation of the National District in the industry in a competitive manner. These include the construction of the Santo Domingo Monorail, the construction of the Fair and Convention Center, and expanding the Metro subway lines to the Las Américas International Airport (AILA).

The general secretary of the Power of the People explained that it is important to establish achievable goals in the short and medium term, such as increasing the number of visitors by air to 10 million in 4 years. For this, we must maintain a double-digit growth rate for the industry. «Growing at double digits is arduous and it is necessary, in addition to the aggressive promotion strategy of the DR as a destination, to give a new impetus to large investments,” he said.

He also included the DN Smart City Plan with the Establishment of the Center for Control and Monitoring of Traffic and Public Spaces in his proposals, to raise the city's security standards and coordinate the prevention and prosecution of crimes and emergency response, as well as the conclusion of the Rescue and Beautification program of the city Colonial city.

Within these proposals are also the construction of the Storm Sewer, Sanitary and Services System of the National District to raise the levels of security and resilience in the face of harmful climate effects.

Rafael Paz said that tourism today is, without a doubt, one of the three great pillars that will drive the transition towards national development and economic well-being. «All this, added to the great investment that exists at the hotel, cultural and culinary level, will turn our city into a magnet of high complementarity with other destinations such as Punta Cana, Macao, Miches, Bayahibe and The Roman«, indicated Rafael Paz.

The 8 proposals of Rafael Paz:

1.- Construction of a Metro Line to the International Airport of the Americas that reduces costs and facilitates safe access to the city.

2.-Construction of the Fair and Convention Center of the City of Santo Domingo that allows us to attract this type of highly profitable and consumer activities.

3.-Construction of the Monorail system in the National District that improves internal mobility and the completion of the city's parking system.

4.-DN Smart City Plan with the Establishment of the Center for Control and Monitoring of Traffic and Public Spaces of the National District (Eagle Eye) as the operational and logistical brain.

5.-Conclusion of the Rescue and Beautification Program of the Colonial City and its extension to include the historic sector of San Carlos, an ancient independent city with its own history and cultural traditions of great value.

6.-Construction of the Storm Sewer System, Sanitarioy of Services of the National District.

7.-The construction of a new Baseball Stadium world class that allows us to achieve the celebration of major league games and the celebration of a baseball world cup.

8.-Golf-DN Plan with the promotion of new fields in the city.

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