Advancing Dominican Presence in France: Dominicans Successfully Regain Ground at Top Resa 2023

Santo Domingo.- The Minister of Tourism of the Dominican Republic, David Collado, has highlighted the achievements made by the country in its participation in the Top Resa 2023 tourism fair, recovering that issuing market to guarantee the arrival of more French tourists.

“The results of our participation here at Top Rosa, with representatives of more than 20 private sector companies, could not be more encouraging to ensure that French tourists continue to choose us as their favorite long-distance destination,” Collado told reporters. when evaluating the participation of the Dominican Republic in Top Resa, which took place in Paris from the 3rd to Thursday the 5th.

As a result of the agreements signed and dozens of meetings with the main actors in French tourism, the French market was recovered and consolidated, ensuring the arrival of more tourists to the Dominican Republic.

A strategic meeting was held with Air Caraïbes executives, who announced that they will operate seven weekly Punta Cana-France flights and 2 weekly Santo Domingo-France flights, which represents 6,000 seats available starting this week.

The meeting was led by the president of Air Caraïbes, Marc Rochet; Christine Ourmeries, CEO; Edmond Richard, General Director.

“We are ready to receive all tourists from France and the entire world, in a destination fully prepared for their enjoyment and use,” said Minister Collado.

The official recalled, historically, France has always been in the top positions as a country that sends tourists from Europe.

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