At least 23 people confirmed dead nationwide as heavy rains wreak havoc

Santo Domingo.- The consequences of the constant and heavy rains that have affected the country since last Friday are beginning to cause tragedies.

According to preliminary information, before noon this Sunday the loss of human life amounts to 21, ten of them in Santo Domingo Oeste alone.

Three of the deaths in the aforementioned municipality occurred inside a SUV when its travelers drowned; Another person died in a car and three others also died from asphyxiation in their home.

Doctor who was going to celebrate a birthday, among 9 dead on 27 de Febrero Avenue
Yesterday, nine deaths occurred when people were trapped in several vehicles below the remains of the wall of the slope of 27 de Febrero Avenue with Máximo Gómez who succumbed.

The former director of the National Health Service, Chanel Rosa, reported that among those killed in the slope is Dr. Eduardo Cabrera, “who was returning from the airport with some friends who arrived from Puerto Rico to celebrate a birthday in Punta Cana.”

“They all died on February 27 with Gomez,” Rosa posted on X, former .

At the end of the rescue operations, the Fire Department reported that five female and four male bodies were found among the deceased.

Wall collapse on February 27 Avenue leaves nine dead
“These are five vehicles in which we recovered nine bodies, five female and four male,” said the head of the Fire Department, José Luis Frómeta Herasme.

The remains of the last five deceased were recovered around 10:30 p.m. and were extracted from a single car. The other victims have not been identified.

Another victim whose vehicle was dragged in Higüey
In the Higüey municipality, a person lost his life after a vehicle in which he was traveling, along with another person, was swept away by the waters of the Santa Clara stream and some sectors received a large amount of water.

The fatal victim has been identified, for the moment, as Anabel Núñez Jiménez, 19 years old. The health condition of the survivors is unknown.

He died while trying to warn the community of danger
In Sabana Larga in the province of San José de Ocoa, they mourn Gregorio Salvador Castillo Ortiz, a 32-year-old young man, who died after the collapse of the Las Vacas bridge in the same community.

The young man who was an employee of the City Council lived near the bridge and around 3:00 in the morning this Saturday he was preparing to sound the alarm to the community due to movements and prolonged sinkholes that the increase in the flow of the Arroyo was leaving. Cows.

He stood up to help his community in Ocoa and the collapse of a bridge ended his life
At that time in the morning there were about 15 people on the passage and when he fell from one end, most of them managed to save their lives, but Gregorio went away with the collapse, the deceased’s family reported.

The 10 deaths of SDO

This Sunday morning, work is being done to remove the body of a person who drowned in his vehicle in Cañada de Manoguayabo, on the street that connects that community with Hato Nuevo.

The preliminary information was offered by Fausto Jiménez, director of the Civil Defense in that municipality, who also reported the death of two other people in the Café de Herrera, as a result of a wall that collapsed due to the downpours.

Three other people lost their lives when they were trapped in their residence in Manoguayabo, when, as a result of the fall of a wall, the water rushed in without giving them time to come out.

In addition, three other people drowned in a jeepeta when they tried to cross the Juan Guzmán ravine, also in Manoguayabo. The other deceased was a minor who was electrocuted, Jiménez said. The minor’s information is still unknown.

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