Cabo Rojo’s Tourism and Security Boosted by Edesur’s Electrification Project

Pedernales.- Edesur Dominicana has made significant progress in the electrification of Cabo Rojo, a key tourist area in Pedernales, marking a significant step in improving the region’s tourism and security infrastructure. This development includes the port area, where the first tourist cruise ship will arrive in January, and the city center, which has been illuminated with 300 modern LED lights.

The comprehensive lighting project in Cabo Rojo, which involves a complete switch to LED lighting, is part of a broader rehabilitation of the area’s electrical networks. This improvement has led to an increase in energy output and a more stable voltage supply, which has significantly benefited tourism, commerce and the quality of life of local residents.

Milton Morrison, general administrator, emphasized that this initiative is part of a broader “electrical revolution” in Pedernales, as the Dominican government and Edesur are committed to implementing several impact projects in the region. The electrification project specifically improves the power supply to critical areas, including the military checkpoint of the Specialized Border Security Corps (Cesfront), the Pedernales airfield (Cabo Rojo), the seaport and the military base of the Navy of Dominican Republic (ARD). This improvement is essential to strengthen national security.

Additionally, the new lighting in the Pedernales city center is expected to not only improve the safety of residents and visitors but also contribute to the aesthetic appeal of the area. This upgrade from a voltage of 2,400 KV to a range between 7,200 KV and 12,500 KV marks a substantial improvement in the region’s electrical infrastructure.

The completion of the electrification works in Cabo Rojo, achieved in record time, ensures that ongoing construction projects in the area can move forward without delays, boosting the development and attractiveness of the region as a tourist destination. This initiative by Edesur Dominicana represents an important investment in the future of Cabo Rojo and the Pedernales region in general.

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