Discovering the Many Facets of the Dominican Republic Beyond Cruise Tourism

The Dominican Republic receives a large amount of cruise ship visitors, and this year is no different: more than 1.5 million cruise visitors arrived at the destination during the last 9 months. But while the Caribbean islands have long had a reputation for attracting travelers who prefer the island-hopping cruise experience, the Dominican Republic has become the Caribbean islands’ answer to Cancun in Mexico.

Everything travelers want

The Dominican Republic has succeeded where other destinations in the Caribbean islands have failed thanks to its relatively large size, modern infrastructure, and willingness to invest and reinvent itself to keep up with travelers’ wants and desires.

World-rivaling luxury

In destinations like Punta Cana and Cap Cana, travelers can experience Dubai’s levels of luxury and service, all against the beautiful backdrop of the Caribbean geography that blessed this tourist hotspot. And this luxury is not reserved only for the super-rich, unlike other rival destinations. There are plenty of royalty-worthy all-inclusive hotels in the destination offering some of the best deals in the Caribbean. Although, if travelers want to spend money on a next-level experience, there’s certainly no shortage of those options either.

A home for well-being and relaxation

Wellness holidays have become very popular in recent times, perhaps a reflection of how much more conscious we are about looking after our mental and bodily health. Throughout the Dominican Republic there are a host of fantastic wellness centers and spas. In fact, it has become so popular that most all-inclusive resorts have their own spa to ensure this relaxing activity is available whenever desired.

Born of adventure

As a nation, the Dominican Republic was born from adventure. Throughout its history, which included being the first colonial settlement in the Caribbean, it has attracted explorers and adventurers like a moth to a flame. And that spirit of adventure lives on today. Much of the island is covered in lush vegetation, rugged mountains and barely traveled routes that attract those with an unusual personality to explore. But adventure is not reserved only for prudent travelers. Across the country, there is a wide variety of activities, including guided jungle ATV tours, treetop zip-lining courses, and an endless supply of water sports.

History meets modernity

Perhaps one of the most underappreciated aspects of a vacation to the Dominican Republic is that it offers all the comforts of the modern world but allows travelers to look back into the past. Across the country, many of the colonial-era buildings have been lovingly preserved, showing the enormous respect Dominicans have for remembering where they came from and the struggle to get to where they are now. To see this history at its finest, travelers must visit the capital city of Santo Domingo. The beautiful architecture of the past has been best preserved here, with everything from military forts to colorful haciendas of the Spanish Empire dotted throughout.

Travelers choose

Cruise vacations are fantastic and many travelers love the planned aspect of them. But for others, the reality of being told where, when and what they will do during their vacation takes the fun out of the experience. In the Dominican Republic, travelers have access to all the experiences and activities that a cruise will offer, but with the freedom to choose where, when and what they want to do. And as another big plus, if travelers have too many mojitos at a beach cabana, they can sober up with a sunset without having to rush back to their cruise ship for last call boarding.

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