Merchants stand behind President Abinader’s choice for border closure

Santo Domingo.- The National Union of Retail Merchants supports President Luis Abinader’s decision to close the border completely. The measure is in response to the crisis developing on the Haitian side due to the construction of a canal diverting the course of the Massacre River, a natural border.

Martina Ventura, William Lantigua, and Milcíades Tejada, representing the retail sector, congratulate the president for taking the right step against the provocations of a group of Haitian businessmen continuing the construction illegally. The retail sector in the Dominican Republic fully supports this measure.

These leaders are willing to make sacrifices to support the president’s actions, just as they did during the pandemic. They recognize that this issue deeply affects the country and congratulate President Abinader for addressing it with courage and dedication.

They also assert that Dominicans will always be united in safeguarding national sovereignty. They call on opposition political leaders to act sensibly and avoid politicizing the issue.

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