Parlacen to hear Dominican delegation’s presentation on the Haitian crisis

SANTO DOMINGO.- A delegation appointed by Dominican President Luis Abinader has traveled to El Salvador for the Plenary Assembly of the Central American Parliament (Parlacen). The delegation’s main objective is to present the impact of the crisis in Haiti on the Dominican Republic. They will emphasize the urgent need to respond to the Haitian government’s call for a multinational peace mission supported by the United Nations (UN).

In addition, the Dominican delegation will address the violation of border treaties caused by the illegal construction of a canal in the Dajabón River by a group of Haitians.

The delegation consists of government officials, leaders of various political parties represented in Parlacen, and academics. Key members include Andrés Lugo Risk, Administrative Vice Minister of the Presidency, José Julio Gómez, Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs, and several deputies representing different parties in Parlacen.

This mission is the result of six months of collaborative efforts by representatives of various sectors. They have been working on the development of a national pact to address the Haitian problem, as requested by President Abinader. He has publicly called on the national political leadership to unite and consider this issue as a national concern.

In El Salvador, the delegation will carry out an extensive agenda. This will include presenting the issue before the Assembly of the Central American Parliament, holding meetings with the board of directors, groups from different countries, and senior officials of El Salvador. These officials include Vice President Félix Ulloa Garay, Foreign Minister Alexandra Hill, and the Secretary General of the SICA (Central American Integration System), Werner Vargas.

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