The Coral Golf Resort project in Punta Cana is developed by the Gesproin Group

Executives from the Gesproin Group and a group of national and international investors launched Coral Golf Resort, an urban development initiative located in Cabeza de Toro – Punta Cana, composed of lots for the development of apartment projects in an exclusive environment.

According to a press release, within the residential complex, Grupo Gesproin will also develop its own real estate project called Moon Garden, which will have 197 new homes, all with views of the central lake, golf course and exclusive amenities.

Alejandro Garrigó Lefeld, Francisco González, Efraín Forero, Hernando Jiménez, José Fernando Pinto, Daniel Sánchez and Gadonso Properties make up the mix of partners who, together with the Gesproin Group, are committed to the growth and development of Punta Cana as the central axis of tourism in the Dominican Republic.

World-renowned golf course architect PB Dye has redesigned the Coral Golf Resort golf course, featuring 18 holes that seamlessly blend nature and luxury, to create a high-end multi-family residential environment dominated by functionality and comfort.

The project has a privileged location, 10 minutes from the Punta Cana International Airport, near the best beaches, and large commercial areas such as the Blue Mall Punta Cana and Downtown Mall Punta Cana. Coral Golf Resort will have its own commercial space within the project, including a hotel, golf course, clubhouse with swimming pool, children’s area and restaurant, park, pier, racquet club and sports area, among other amenities.

“At Coral Golf Resort we are strongly committed to creating a unique lifestyle that combines luxury, tranquility, familiarity and nature. In addition, we are also very committed to sustainability and the environment, so we guarantee care for the environment, from its design to its development and execution,” highlighted Javier Donoso and Joan Trilla, CEO and CTO of Grupo Gesproin.

The Moon Garden project, located within the Coral Golf Resort, has a privileged location next to the central lake of the complex, making it one of the most emblematic points of the environment. It is located just 5 minutes from the Pearl Beach Club and allows investors to enjoy the tourist attractions in the area.

“Investing in Moon Garden is a safe bet, whether for personal purposes or for profitability. The promise of this project is based on the incomparable beauty of its location, the quality of the homes and the countless amenities it offers. Whatever the reason, it is an opportunity to be part of the Dominican paradise,” Donoso and Trilla emphasized.

In this sense, it was emphasized that “with the growth of tourism and international expansion as a country brand, investing in the Dominican Republic guarantees a safe investment, due to the combination of a solid legal framework and economic incentives for investors such as Confotur. Law; That is why there is a great demand for properties from both residents and foreigners.”

Gesproin Group has been carrying out real estate projects since 2017, developing more than 1,300 units in the Punta Cana area, standing out for its quality in construction and generating more than 5,000 direct and indirect jobs, thus leading the area to develop exponentially economically and touristically, which will undoubtedly manifest itself in the area where the Coral Golf Resort project will be built.

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