The Impact of Winter on Fishing in Cabeza de Toro

Punta Cana. Due to the cold front season that began in November in the Dominican Republic and extends until the end of March or first week of April 2024, good fishing suffers as the squid bait no longer rises due to the temperatures.

Fisher Jos├ę Alberto explains that, as a result of the cold, little is caught since they can only enter the high seas 3 or 4 times a week.

Fishing is a source of employment for dozens of people in the coastal provinces of the country. It is important for some businesses and hotels that include dishes made with these local marine species in their culinary offerings.

Around 100 families support themselves from fishing in Cabeza de Toro and nearby places.

In high season, you can catch up to 120 pounds, while in low season you can bring in between 50 and 60 pounds, Alberto said.

In Cabeza de Toro, one of the most endemic fish is the chillo, followed by the butu, the lobster, and the lambi.

The Executive Branch issued decree 281-23, which establishes a ban for two years, throughout the national territory for the capture, fishing, and commercialization of herbivorous fish families, reefs among them; parrot fish, parrot soap, doctors, surgeons, angels, butterflies, sea cucumbers, and holothurians.

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