The Mursargaz Barrier: A Foolproof Solution for Sargassum Beach Protection

PUNTA CANA.- The companies Beach Trotters and Markleen explained the operation of the Mursargaz anti-sargassum barrier, which they claim can be the definitive solution for protecting beaches from sargassum infestation.

These statements were offered during the talk “The anti-sargassum barrier «Mursargaz». Containment and diversion of sargassum”, presented at the XXXV Commercial Exhibition of the Hotel and Tourism Association of the Dominican Republic (Asonahores), held at Blue Mall in Punta Cana.

The lords Serafín Mercadé, Director of Beach Trotters and Miguel Rodríguez, Commercial Director of the company Markleen, They showed the Mursargaz barrier developed by both companies, which they reported is already installed in the Sanctuary Cap Cana hotel in the eastern part of the country.

The businessmen explained that Mursargaz is a perforated mesh that acts as a resistant and robust floating wall that, placed in a perfect vertical position, allows the flow to pass but stops and/or diverts the sargassum.

They said that “Mursargaz” is very different from the various types of artisanal protections that have been placed in some hotels in the Eastern area, “because it is a barrier manufactured industrially and designed especially with sargassum in mind.”

During the conference, a full-size sample of the barrier was exhibited, where it could be seen that Mursargaz has rigid plastic floats made of polyethylene filled with polyurethane foams, attached in pairs to a perforated polyester mesh, protected with PVC.

The barrier has high buoyancy and resistance to abrasion with a longitudinal counterweight, formed by a galvanized steel chain, sheathed to the mesh fabric itself, which always keeps the barrier in a vertical position.

In the talk, businessmen Mercadé and Rodríguez presented the installation technicians who explained that the barrier is easy and quick to install, designed to be installed on site and removed quickly if necessary.

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