Tourism’s Contribution to October Collections Reaches RD$12 Billion

Santo Domingo.- In the first ten months of this year, tourism revenues in the Dominican Republic, mainly from airport departure taxes and tourist card fees, reached approximately 12.4 billion pesos.

This exceeds the revised budget target of P12.3 billion set for the end of the year.

In October alone, these taxes contributed around one billion pesos to the treasury.

According to Diario Libre, the passenger departure tax increased 15.3% in these 10 months and the retention for tourist visas increased 14%.

The increase in revenue corresponds to the growing number of tourists visiting the Dominican Republic in 2023.

As of November, air passenger arrivals totaled almost 7 million, an increase of 8.1% compared to the same period in 2022.

Breaking down the sources of income, the State collected approximately 8.2 billion pesos from the airport departure tax on passengers who traveled abroad from January to October.

Revenue from tourist cards, mandatory for visitors entering the Dominican Republic for vacation purposes without a visa, was about 4.1 billion pesos in the first ten months.

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