Amidst a severe crisis with Haiti, Abinader addresses the UN tomorrow

Santo Domingo.- The Dominican Republic consistently raises concerns about the crisis and instability in Haiti at the United Nations General Assembly. These calls for international attention are driven by the proximity of the Dominican Republic to Haiti and the impact of the current situation in both countries.

The current crisis revolves around the construction of an irrigation canal in Haiti. This canal aims to redirect the waters of the Masacre River, a cross-border river. However, it has faced opposition from the Dominican Republic due to violations of a 1929 Treaty of Peace, Friendship, and Arbitration. As a result, the Dominican-Haitian border has been closed by air, sea, and land.

President Luis Abinader of the Dominican Republic firmly stands by keeping the border closed, despite potential economic, social, and diplomatic repercussions for both nations. He is expected to address this issue at the UN General Assembly, drawing global attention to the situation.

The crisis in Haiti has worsened following the assassination of President Jovenel Mo├»se on July 7, 2021. This has led to increased violence, insecurity, and the emergence of armed gangs. President Abinader emphasizes that there cannot be a “Dominican solution” to the crisis in Haiti and calls on larger nations to collaborate in addressing the situation.

In previous UN assemblies, President Abinader has stressed the urgent need for international intervention to stabilize Haiti and ensure security. He highlights that Haitians alone cannot pacify their country due to political divisions and the presence of criminal gangs.

The Dominican Republic’s constant appeals to the international community reflect deep concern about the deteriorating situation in Haiti and its potential regional impact.

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