Collaboration between MIREX and AIREN to boost economic and cultural development in the Dominican Republic

Santo Domingo.- The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MIREX) of the Dominican Republic and the Association of Industrialists of the Northern Region (AIREN) signed a cooperation agreement aimed at boosting investments and promoting the comprehensive development of the country.

This partnership is a strategic step to use the strengths of the Dominican Republic to foster social, economic and cultural growth.

Signed by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Roberto Álvarez, and the President of AIREN, Juan Ventura, the agreement describes a biennial action plan.

This plan focuses on strengthening the global ties of the Dominican Republic and improving integration and international cooperation processes in line with the National Development Strategy.

Foreign Minister Álvarez emphasized the importance of this collaboration, highlighting the desirable position of the Dominican Republic in various aspects, including political, economic, social and cultural.

He stressed the importance of recognizing the factors that contribute to this stage and the value of partnerships between the public and private sectors to sustain development and growth.

Juan Ventura, president of AIREN, highlighted the fundamental role of this mission to improve the country's commercial relations and balance trade.

He recognized the industrial potential of the nation and, in particular, the region, and emphasized that such collaborations are key to maximizing these capabilities.

This initiative aligns with President Luis Abinader's foreign policy objectives, which include increasing exports and investments to create more employment opportunities in the Dominican Republic.

Through this agreement, MIREX and AIREN aim to leverage their collective resources and networks to advance the nation's position on the global stage and stimulate its economic and cultural progress.

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