Government takes concrete steps towards the construction of the canal on the Masacre River

Santo Domingo.- The conflict over the construction of a canal on the Masacre River between the Dominican Republic and Haiti is escalating. President Luis Abinader has ordered the closure of the land, air, and sea border with Haiti at 6:00 am. This decision comes in response to a group of Haitian citizens pressing forward with the canal works, which the Dominican Republic government claims breach international law and the 1929 Treaty of Peace and Friendship, Perpetual and Arbitration.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Mirex) has stressed that the canal’s purpose is not for irrigation, as initially believed, but for transportation. This contradicts international law and the aforementioned treaty. The construction of the canal could have a detrimental impact on the river’s flow, leading to damage to arable land on both sides of the border.

The Dominican Government has identified nine individuals involved in financing and supporting the informal canal construction, subsequently banning their entry into the Dominican Republic. These individuals include former senators, ministers, journalists, and other Haitians.

President Abinader has stated that the matter will be brought before the United Nations (UN) General Assembly. In the meantime, a second meeting of the Dominican-Haitian Mixed Bilateral Commission was held, but no resolution was reached regarding the border conflict.

Haiti has defended its right to exploit its natural resources, including the Masacre River, asserting that it has the sovereign right to decide on resource exploitation. While they prefer dialogue with the Dominican Republic, they have criticized the unilateral closure of the border.

The situation remains tense, with both parties standing firm on their positions. The border closure further complicates the conflict.

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