Pearl Beach Club to Offer Unforgettable Sunset Experience with Corona Beer

Santo Domingo, RD.- Corona beer continues to promote its message of disconnecting to reconnect, through its iconic international Corona Sunsets Festival World Tour event that will arrive on December 9 at Pearl Beach ClubPunta Cana, conceived as an immersive experience that combines music, art, and fashion.

The sunset will be the main protagonist of this premium event that celebrates authenticity, memorable moments, and communion with nature, where thousands of people will live the experiences that only the outdoors and unforgettable landscapes can offer.

The event’s musical proposal will feature an exciting lineup that features a combination of local and international artists, among which the bands Jungle, Pororó, and WhoMadeWho stand out along with soloists Alex Ferreira, Riccie Oriach, and Letón Pé.

“Corona, as one of the world’s leading brands, directs its path towards satisfying the public’s aspirations for connection and affinity with its product in every proposal it presents. This tour is one of the events that stands out exceptionally by meeting these expectations in all the markets where the brand makes its presence,” explains Lisamel Trinidad, Brand Manager.

Corona Sunsets Festival World Tour 2023 has performed in beach destinations around the world; specifically, in Chile, Peru, Italy, the United Kingdom, Canada, Japan, China, and Brazil. With multiple levels of activation, it is the experiential platform of one of the largest brands in the world.

“The Dominican Republic is a perfect setting because it aligns with the most important messages of this proposal, which focus on sustainability, vitality, the human, the natural, and the simple; and that gives us the opportunity to reconnect with our essence,” highlighted the brand manager.

The Sunset becomes a style and fashion parade where attendees set trends with their bohemian looks, highlighting authenticity, naturalness, and bringing vitality to the festival experience.

The brand recognizes the importance of protecting our environment and has actively engaged in Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives. Since 2020, Corona has been working tirelessly with the Oceanic Global organization to remove 1 million pounds of plastic from marine ecosystems by 2025. This effort will continue at the next event, where waste will be managed responsibly, reaffirming Corona’s commitment with the conservation of the environment.

By uniting music, nature, sustainability, and fashion, Corona Sunsets Festival World Tour 2023 reminds us that we can enjoy unforgettable experiences while sustainably protecting and preserving our environment for future generations. You can now purchase your tickets at

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