Private aviation tourism generates over $400 million in the Dominican Republic

Santo Domingo.- Non-commercial private aviation generates more than US$400 million for the Dominican Republic, according to Víctor Pichardo, executive director of the Department of Airports (DA).

“Only in the Atlantic, more than 200 operations are carried out, plus all the visitors who arrive. It is a tourism that we are promoting, since in the Bahamas region and all the islands we are also capitalizing on our private aviation tourism,” he told the press.

He noted that “we have also managed to promote the elimination of measures that previously existed, for example: to travel from Higüero to Montecristi you had to request a 24-hour permit and now, with your flight plan notification, you can visit any international or local airport. .”

Pichardo explained that private aviation in the Dominican Republic has existed for years, but that in this administration it has been promoted by President Luis Abinader through Decree 259-23, under the coordination of the Department of Airports and institutions and organizations in the sector.

He said that a protocol for non-commercial private aviation was approved, becoming an executive order, also linked to all state organizations and agencies such as the General Directorate of Immigration, Customs, the Dominican Institute of Civil Aviation (IDAC), the Specialized Agency . of Airport Security and Civil Aviation (Cesac), and the Air Force.

Pichardo insisted that the objective of the Airport Directorate with the Non-Commercial Private Aviation Protocol is to offer another face to tourism in this segment. “We are sure that we are managing to cover an important tourism market.”

“We continue to make progress in signing agreements with the consulates of New York, Chicago, Orlando, Jamaica and others that are in process,” said the official.

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