First Business and Investment Meeting between the Embassy of the Dominican Republic and Brazil announced

Santo Domingo.- The Embassy of the Dominican Republic in the Federative Republic of Brazil, together with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Pro-Dominican Promotion and Investment Center, celebrate the First Dominican Republic-Brazil Business and Investment Meeting, which seeks to promote commercial exchange between Dominican and Brazilian businessmen.

This first business meeting takes place in the State of Sao Paulo on September 11, where it will also be a communication channel between businessmen from the Dominican Republic and Brazil, as well as key officials of the Dominican and Brazilian Government, linked to different sectors to help increase the main investment opportunities.

In that sense, the Dominican government has the presence of the Minister of Agriculture Limber Cruz López, Director General of Customs Eduardo Sanz Lovatón, the Representative of the National District Orlando Salvador Jorge Villegas, as well as the Director of the Pro-Dominican Export Center Ms. Biviana Riveiro, and Belkis Yérmenos Director of Trade Promotion of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Likewise, from the private sector, prominent Dominican businessmen will participate, such as: Directors of the Punta Cana Group, José Luis Ventas from Mercasid, among others.

It should be noted that this event has been coordinated with the Consulates General of the Dominican Republic in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, where also the Dominican-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce and its directors, Messrs. Ángelo Viro and José Leonel Castellanos, who have played a important role in attracting renowned Brazilian businessmen.

Currently, the Federative Republic of Brazil is the 9th economy in the world, with significant investments in the Dominican Republic, with this country being in the first 10 most industrialized nations in the world along with economies such as the United States and China, according to the press release. . Meanwhile, the Dominican Republic is the 7th economy in Latin America, making this aspect of great attraction for Brazilians.

Ambassador Villegas de Jorge expressed her satisfaction with the launch of this important meeting, since it “recognizes the enormous importance of commercial ties between the Dominican Republic and the Federative Republic of Brazil, and that it is a sign of the commitment of the management headed by the President of the Dominican Republic Luis Abinader Corona, aiming at strengthening foreign policy in trade matters and cooperation with the main economies of the world.

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